My name is Jess, and this is my first blog attempt. My goal with Baby Crazy and Broke is to provide a sort of how-to for pregnancy, parenting, budgeting and everything in-between, mostly geared towards other millennials. You can expect to see book reviews (Must Read Monday!), product reviews, bargain round-ups, parenting tips and tricks, updates on news relating to women’s health, and some cost-cutting hacks and DIYs.

Some more about me! I am 28-years-old, and I live in Norman, Oklahoma with my husband and our two dogs, Ainsley (a 70-pound brown goldendoodle) and Olive (a 25-pound schnauzer-mix rescue). Our lives are very much in an every changing state of flux as of late. I’ll need to back up some to get to that, though.

October, 2013 – I moved to a small town in West Virginia from Oklahoma City to take a job  with a larger oil and gas company than the one I had been working for in OKC. I had fairly recently come out of a 3-year relationship, so I moved solo.

January, 2014 – A super cute, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, big hunk of a man, who I had met through work, asked me on a date – I said yes. About 5 weeks later, we moved in together.

October, 2014 – Said hunk took me on a week and a half motorcycle trip through New England. He had set-up this really elaborate story about the company who planned our trip, MotoVermont, wanting to take some photos of us with our rental bike for their marketing materials, and everyone we encountered who worked for MotoVermont went along with this. I soon found out, however, that this was just a ruse to make sure I wouldn’t be alarmed by the presence of a photographer when he proposed to me on a beautiful pier overlooking Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.

Zach's Proposal on Lake Champlain
Zach’s Proposal on Lake Champlain

July, 2015 – Overwhelmed by the INSANE cost of planning a wedding and reception, we decided to half-elope/half-have a destination wedding in New Zealand instead, and I set about planning a 16-day trip across both the north and south islands.

September, 2015 – Oil and gas prices had been tanking all year, and in September it finally caught up with us and both my husband and myself were cut from the West Virginia team. We packed up and moved back to Oklahoma. My husband never liked working in O&G, so he decided to try something new and started working for my dad doing appliance repair. I, not knowing how to do anything else/not knowing what I wanted to do, found an O&G job in Norman.

October, 2015 – Due to the last minute…ness of our wedding decision, and honestly a desire to keep the whole affair on the small-side, only my husband’s mom, my mom, my dad and step-mom, and 4 of our friends from work came with us. We were married on October 14, 2015 in a small vineyard on Waiheke Island – a tiny island about 40 minutes away from Auckland by ferry.

Freshly husband and wife'd
Freshly husband and wife’d

Present Day (February, 2016) – Husband is loving his new job, as much as one can love repairing appliances, but he is not loving the 65% pay cut he took when he left O&G. To make things worse, we had saved up about $10k which we had earmarked for a house down payment, but we spent all of that on New Zealand. No regrets – it was the trip of a lifetime, and a wedding AND honeymoon for $10k is still awesome. But now we find ourselves in the aforementioned state of flux. O&G prices are still way down, which means I could get cut from my current job really any day. The husband’s job doesn’t pay well enough to cover all of our expenses if I am unemployed.

Right now, we live in sort of a metal pull-barn turned in to an apartment (it’s actually really nice, about 800 sq. ft., so for the two of us, it’s fine) on 3 acres. The 3 acres belongs to husband’s brother, and they have a fancy big house on the land as well. So, we live in our barnpartment rent-free, and just pitch in on utilities. Naturally, we don’t want to live in our barnpartment forever, so we are saving up for a house again. We’re making good progress, but as soon as I get cut (if I get cut, knock on wood) that will stop, and probably start to reverse itself. So, there’s that.

The other thing is that…I want a baby. Like, really badly. I’ve always wanted to be a mom, and 17-year-old me honestly thought I would have had all of my kids by now, instead of just starting to think about maybe trying for a first. Part of me thinks we should keep waiting until things stabilize – that it would be the more prudent choice, but I don’t want to start having kids when I’m 30 or 35. Nothing against older mothers, I just want to be done with birthing humans ASAP, for a myriad of reasons. The proverbial “they” say there is no perfect time to have a baby, and that you just have to go for it. So, I think we will, but that doesn’t mean we feel very good about it. I mean, I feel GREAT about it. I’m so beyond ready for a baby, it’s ridiculous. But it’s a very scary idea. Having a baby. More on that in the future, though.

Anyway, that’s me/us in a nutshell. (“Help, I’m trapped in a nutshell!”) I’m super excited about this blog, and I hope that it helps at least one other woman who is in a similar position (baby crazy broke millennial) feel a little less crazy, and a little less alone. As a show of good faith on the crazy-front, I’ll admit right here and right now…that I found myself standing in the baby section of Target a few weeks ago, Googling the question, “Is it crazy to buy baby clothes before you’re pregnant?”

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Author: Jess Leonard

It's me, Jess! Seen here with Husband, and one of our pooches, Ainsley. I'm 27-years-old, beyond ready for babies, and super broke. Join me on this insane journey of figuring out how to live the lives we want as baby crazy, but heavily indebted millennials. Fun facts about me: I grew up in Southern California, near Coachella, I looooove jamming on my planner (I use a MAMBI Happy Planner), and my spirit animal is Leslie Knope.

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