Amazon has some awesome deals right now! Well, let’s be honest, Amazon always has awesome deals…that’s what makes it so dangerous, haha. But seriously.

If you’re currently childless, but in the market for motherhood in the near future, then you’ve probably wondered whether or not to get a bassinet, or a crib, or both, or neither. I’ve always liked the idea of a bassinet. I’m not sure that co-sleeping will work for us,

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APRIL 3, 2016

Hello there, and welcome to my second Nursery Round-Up post! If you missed the first one, which featured some of my favourite gender-neutral nurseries, you can find it here!

For this Round-Up, I wanted to look at nurseries with an outdoorsy, rustic or woodland vibe. I was surprised, but it was kind of hard to find many well-done rustic nurseries. I don’t know if it is just too new of a trend for there to be very many featured online,

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MARCH 12, 2016

Welcome to the beginning of another (hopefully) re-occurring series of posts featuring my favourite nurseries from around the internet. And by internet, I mean Pinterest. Like, exclusively found on Pinterest. “The internet” was a misleading description.

Anywho, my favourite nurseries tend to be gender-neutral,  and have a simple and clean feel to them. A lot of the time that vibe is also bohemian and indie, but not always.

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