Amazon has some awesome deals right now! Well, let’s be honest, Amazon always has awesome deals…that’s what makes it so dangerous, haha. But seriously.

If you’re currently childless, but in the market for motherhood in the near future, then you’ve probably wondered whether or not to get a bassinet, or a crib, or both, or neither. I’ve always liked the idea of a bassinet. I’m not sure that co-sleeping will work for us, but I still want the baby to be close to me. Fisher Price makes these Rock ‘n Play Sleepers (which are on sale), and I’ve read a lot of reviews from parents who used them like bassinets, but without spending $200-300 dollars on something the baby will grow out of relatively quickly. I think these Rock ‘n Play Sleepers could be the solution to that conundrum!

Fisher Price Moonlight Meadow Rock 'n Play Sleeper

Right now, the Fisher Price Moonlight Meadow Rock ‘n Play Sleeper is 29% off. It’s normally $74.99, but for now it is $52.99!

Fisher Price Moonlight Meadow Rock 'n Play Sleeper

Here is how it functions as a bassinet/co-sleeping aid:

Fisher Price Moonlight Meadow Rock 'n Play Sleeper

Look how happy everyone looks!! That’s got to be a good sign. If there is one thing I know about advertising – it’s that everything is always exactly as presented. 😉

There is a “girly” version marked down 33% as well. The Fisher Price My Little Sweetie Rock N’ Play Sleeper is normally $74.99, but for now it is only $49.88! This might be one of the only times I’ve found something that had a cheaper “girl” version – I think we’re all pretty used to paying the Pink Tax by now, but that’s a different post.

Fisher Price My Little Sweetie Rock N' Play Sleeper

Fisher Price My Little Sweetie Rock N' Play Sleeper

So, those are the Amazon deals I wanted to share with you today! I’m tempted to order one myself, but as I am not currently with child, and we have another move in our near future, it would probably be better if I waited to order anything big. Sad face. But you guys – you guys shop away! Think of me when you click, “Order.”


**This post contains Amazon Affiliate links – you’ve been warned (read that last bit in a spooky like…pirate ghost voice or something)**

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